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Baby Came and I Went – This is my life…

Baby Came and I Went

On November 17, 2015 by Anne

So, the last 9 months after my sons birth are kind of a blur. With sleep deprivation and dealing with a nursing, cloth diapers, and working full time. It has kind of been one crazy set of months. My son grows everyday and he gets bigger as each day passes. When he was first born, he was in the NICU because he was pre-term and he couldn’t breathe properly. They had to monitor is sats and make sure he wasn’t having any issues while feeding. I was unable to see him after they took him from me in recovery because I had to be put on a 24 hour Magnesium drip and then he had to be monitored in the NICU. So, there was no chance I was going to the NICU and no chance he was coming to me. Luckily he only spent a couple of days there and after 24 hours I hauled my ass to the NICU every 2 hours to feed him and spend time with him. It was love at first sight. Now I have TWO sweet boys born on the same day (how often does that happen) and I’m a happy momma. Pictures coming soon.

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