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Pregnant Mommy (not me) Needs Help – This is my life…

Pregnant Mommy (not me) Needs Help

On December 18, 2014 by Anne

It’s Christmas, use your powers for good instead of selfishness. Everyone that knows me, knows I’m not a big fan of Christmas. I feel like it’s the time of year that people show how truly selfish they really can be, by worrying about what they’re going to get from other people and how much they spent on other people and so on and so forth. This is why I only get things for kids. They’re still young and it’s still magical for them.

On to the powers for good part, I have a friend that is due in a couple of weeks and they have very little to nothing for their baby girl. (Through no fault of their own I assure you) Their mom has been very sick and lives halfway across the country and all of their extra money goes to taking care of her from over 2000 miles away. They can’t move right now cause she’s almost due and a high risk pregnancy and mom is WAY too sick to make the move as well, it’s pretty much a lose/lose situation right now.

I’ve mustered up the money I can spare and bought them some lightly used, cute baby stuff for their daughter from the local Kid to Kid, and went to Target to get some other essentials I couldn’t find at the other store and shipped it all out to them. Now, what I’m asking for isn’t a lot. They need things to make sure that Baby “A” has the best start with what is available. If you have any spare clothes or a few dollars to spare please let me know. I can make another run to either the kid store or to Target/Walmart/Babies R US or just ship it to them from Amazon. It is more than welcome. Right now, they still need somewhere for the baby to sleep, bottles, baby towels, blankets (receiving), diapers, wipes — you name it 90% sure they need it. Make this Christmas something other than what you’re going to get and make it a point to help people in need and in this case — someone you know in need.

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